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13 August 2022

Bude & Stratton Folk Festival


Bude & Stratton Folk Festival has run since 2007, enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts. It one of the most highly-rated small festival on the folk scene, lauded for fine music and friendly ambience. Thanks to prudent management the festival survived Covid and has the resources to further its reputation.

The festival uses local facilities; it promotes local businesses, and does not use external traders or caterers. Each year, from a tiny budget we generate an onward spend of over 100,000 in the Bude area. We are grateful to our Cornwall and Town Councillors who have acknowledged this and have assisted with grant funding over many years.

Central to this success have been the Falcon Hotel, Bude Rugby Club, and St Michael and All Angels Church, all of which were active partners in the creation of the festival and its continued success, which has ensured a busy hotel, a busy camp-site and a large congregation.


Equally the festival has flourished thanks to many volunteers who have given hugely of their time, energy and cash, and the enthusiasts who have been our audiences.


We are very grateful to all who have given so much to create and run this very successful enterprise.


In 2022, the Rugby Club was not available to us. Unfortunately in 2023 certain key facilities in the Falcon Hotel will be unavailable. For these reasons, all outside our control, we are sorry to say that the festival as currently structured cannot go ahead in 2023. We apologise to our many friends, but we  are reviewing our options to see what may be possible in the future and expect to be back with an updated festival in 2024.

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